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Top 3: Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Nowadays, everyone talks about the hot topic in town i.e. artificial intelligence (AI) but few understand it. Think of AI as a bunch of automated machines or systems that can analyze things rapidly. They have the capabilities to better understand behaviors and patterns by going through data.

You can use AI for tasks like managing your databases and providing insights to your team. For example, you could leverage AI to find prospects who look like your existing customers or analyze social media conversations to provide you with real-time information on your competitors.

Some agency uses AI on a daily basis. For example, working with quite a few preschools, daycares, and childcare centers. In an effort to help them grow enrollment, and to drive the right type of prospects.

What are the better ways to find the right prospects than by analyzing current and past enrollments? They download their customer data and leverage AI to identify what zip codes and neighborhoods they should target and even what attributes the parents have in common.


If you’ve interacted with a large business online recently, you may have found yourself chatting with a chatbot. These are artificial intelligence-based virtual assistants that are available to provide support to a business’ clients at any time. They are advantageous due to their responsiveness and accurate data recall. As they can handle many clients at once, this creates a budget-friendly method of handling customer service effectively. Chatbots are also surprisingly versatile — they can be integrated into websites, apps, and even social media platforms.

If you’re taking the reputation of your business into consideration, you’ll probably be happy to hear that the general view on chatbots is quite indifferent, were out of 5000 people surveyed, 33% found chatbots to be positive, 19% negative and the remaining 48% falling in neutral as long as their reason for contact was resolved.

Bots can also be used to warm prospects, schedule sales appointments and help make purchases. In deciding whether or not to invest in a bot, figure out if you’d want to use the bot for customer service or in more of a sales capacity. From there, you can steer yourself toward the technology that makes the most sense for your goals.

Video Content

Video content is becoming critical for businesses and it’s no surprise that we anticipate this trend to continue into 2019. In fact, by the numbers, 72% of businesses say the video has improved their conversion rates and 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions. If these numbers aren’t enough to convince you that video has secured its place in digital marketing, we are also seeing a rise in the popularity of live video content.

A recent global survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau came through with results that showed a shocking 70% of respondents streamed content daily, and as of June 2018, 47% have increased their live streaming since the previous year.

With video and live video options available on many widely used platforms today such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, it should not come as a surprise that the necessity for video content is on the rise.