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Go Live Chat: Do more with your website chat service

Interactive chat services have become a staple feature of most consumer-facing websites. There’s no doubt that these chat services allow you to interact with customers, even when you aren’t physically there with them. But what happens when your website chat service is connected to a live agent and has AI capabilities to track visitor behavior? The answer is Go Live, a real-time customer care system that allows you to convert visitors into customers.

We have over 500 agents online, 24/7

Our agents are live all day, every day. With an average response time of only 22 seconds, business owners can have the peace of mind that their visitors are receiving high-quality customer service.

Intelligence tools allow you to do more with customer service

Go Live doesn’t just connect with visitors, it uses intelligent engagement and tracks visitor behavior. Go Live generates business intelligence reports, allowing you to learn more about your customers and deliver more value.

Increase Organic Leads

Any customer visiting your site will experience a high level of customer service from a live agent, regardless of the time of day. Go Live helps turn visitors into customers, which will increase your conversion rate. As an extremely efficient way to interact with visitors, you can significantly lower your cost per acquisition.