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Insto Leads: Instagram driven Lead Generation so you can make the most of your Marketing Efforts

Reaching out to potential customers is time-consuming and expensive when you don’t know if you’re contacting the right people. With Insto Leads, we can help you locate your target market and create custom audiences using Instagram patterns. If you want to be more efficient with your marketing efforts, here is how it works:

We will get to know your audience

We will work with you to understand what customer segment you want to target. We will learn their demographics, buying behaviors, the benefits they are seeking and how they can be effectively reached.

Data is generated based on Instagram behaviors

Once we have a concrete, detailed understanding of the specific individuals you are looking to target, Insto Leads finds contacts through Instagram behaviors. Whether it be individuals who follow certain pages, post in a given area, or use specific hashtags – Insto Leads uses advanced crawling techniques as well as APIs to convert data into leads.

You’ll get leads who are tailored specifically to your business

You’ll be able to proceed with confidence knowing your marketing efforts are going out to the right customers. You will see a 99% interaction rate from the contacts we generate and up to 600% ROI.

You only pay for the verified leads

One of the best parts of Insto Leads is that you only pay for the verified leads, meaning you’ll see a higher return on investment of up to 600%. This is an affordable solution that helps you make the most of your marketing efforts, increasing efficiency and lowering your cost per acquisition along the way.