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Insto Leads

Built for the creator economy, insto leads has 200+ data points from 40+ creator platforms combined in a way to help you reach your conversion goals. Get access to super-targeted emails as a simple-yet-powerful way to reach actual, verified people or businesses.

We have unlimited amount of not just engagement data but also data points like platforms used, brand collaborations, income, products used, partners, post activity and much, much more.

We’ve solved the biggest problem in the creator economy: How to get creators to notice your messages. With a team of 35+ people and 3M+ emails sent per month, we get on average a 20% positive reply rate.

We charge only on validated contact data delivered, according to your criteria.  

Finding influencers that are natural extensions to your brand can be difficult and time-consuming.

Influencer outreach is tedious and time-consuming. Our influencer marketing platform has simplified this process ensuring all connections made between brands and creators are meaningful and mutually beneficial.

With every Instagram email, you get 30+ attributes that help you understand each profile & personalize your outreach.

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Niche
  • Engagement Rate
  • Link in Bio
  • Interests
  • 25+ more

Write to us today at Hello@TheDarkSquare.com

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